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American History
Homework due on Monday, January 16, 2018=none
Chs. 9 and 10 Vocabulary Terms:  stock market; bull market; speculation; margin; margin call; bank run; installment; public works; relief; foreclosure; gold standard; bank holiday; fireside chats; deficit spending; binding arbitration; court-packing; broker state; safety net
Assignments for week of January 22, 2018
Monday--1.) Hoover vs. FDR
      Homework: The Great Depression Matching worksheet due Tuesday for extra credit; Chs. 9-10 Vocabulary Quiz on Friday
Tuesday--1.)  New Deal Programs
      Homework:  Chs. 9-10 Vocabulary Quiz on Friday
Wednesday--1.) Career Center Field Trip
   Homework: Chs. 9-10 Vocabulary Quiz on Friday
Thursday--1.) FDR's Fireside Chats
   Homework:  Chs. 9-10 Vocabulary Quiz on Friday
 Friday--1.) Chs. 9-10 Vocabulary Quiz
                  2.) 10.2 guided reading worksheet
      Homework:  The New Deal Perspectives worksheet; Chs. 9-10 test on Friday; Chs. 9-10 Study Guide due Friday
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