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American History
Homework due on Monday, April 9, 2018=none
Vocabulary Terms:   
Assignments for week of April 16, 2018
Monday--1.) The Government's Role in the Economy, Environment, and Social Programs
                2.) Unit 10 Test
      Homework: EOC Study Guide
Tuesday--1.)  The Post-War Era:  Shifts, Challenges, and New Opportunities
      Homework:  EOC Study Guide
Wednesday--1.) Challenges the Nation Faces in the 21st Century
   Homework: EOC Study Guide
Thursday--1.) Enlightenment Ideas in the Declaration of Independence 2.) The Northwest Ordinance Establishes Future Precedents
   Homework:  EOC Study Guide
 Friday--1.) Influence of Enlightenment Ideas on the U.S. Constutition
            2.) The Anti-Federalist and Federalist Battle over Ratification
      Homework:  EOC Study Guide
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