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Firewood Day

Black River FFA Chapter Improves School Grounds While Providing a Service to the Local Community

Have you heard of the Emerald Ash Borer? This pesky bug’s larvae feed on the inner bark of ash trees, disrupting the tree's ability to transport water and nutrients throughout the tree. The exotic beetle is responsible for killing tens of millions of ash trees throughout the United States. Unfortunately, the wooded cross country path and youth cheerleading practice fields on the Black River School grounds have an abundance of these affected ash trees.

The Black River FFA chapter wanted to help improve the school grounds, while providing a service to community members in need. On November 13, FFA members and family volunteers worked together to fell, cut up, and split over 80 trees. In addition to removing the problem trees and clearing and widening the current cross country path, FFA members delivered and stacked over 19 truckloads of firewood to community members in need within the Black River School District. Several community members praised the chapter for their generosity and and donation of firewood that will help their families through the cold winter months.

The Chapter would like to thank the following parent and adult volunteers who provided equipment, tractors, their time and lunch throughout the day: Mr. and Mrs. Howard, Mr. Dan Yoder, Mr. Chris Aviles, Mr. Ross Sprinkle, Mrs. Donna Burnett, Mr. Jimmy Burgess, Mr. Jeremy Bradford, Brandon Heath and Mrs. Diane McCourt. In addition, the following students volunteered throughout the day: John Bricker, Eric Cordonnier, Tony Strojin, Meghan Gallagher, Jared Bradford, Sierra Sturgill, Cori Aviles, Callee Aviles, Colton McCourt, Lexi Czarny, Grace Channel, Mitchell Young, Ella Yoder, Cooper Sprinkle, Hannah Moskal, Shane Mesko, Collin Burnett, Hannah Heath, Joe Mennell, and Mandy Yoder.

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