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This Weeks Health Update 4-16-18
1new case of Influenza diagnosed in the District. Please monitor high temps and have your child tested.

If you child develops a fever or sore throat, DO NOT send your child to school and PLEASE follow up with your family physician immediately for treatment options. Should a unknown rash develop please seek medical attention as strep w/rash is also known as “Scarlet Fever.”Thank you….

                                                                                               Nurse Donna

*Always keep your children home till they have been fever-free 24 hours without the help of Tylenol/Ibuprofen.*
Upcoming Kindergartner's and all upcoming 7th and 12th Grade Students for the Fall of 2018-19

If your child will be entering  either 7th or 12th grade in the fall of 2018, he/she MUST have a current *Tdap booster and a *Meningococcal vaccination by September 15th, 2018 in order to remain in school.


If your child is preparing to enter Kindergarten this fall, please make an appointment now to assure he/she is up to date and ready vaccination wise to meet state guidelines. Make your doctor appointments now to assure your ready for the fall school year.

All the reasons you should keep your children home from school.
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