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7th Grade Social Studies
Mrs. Polly's Contact Information
Black River Middle School Phone: 419-736-3304
  Homework & Upcoming Assignments:
       1/22/18 - 1/26/18 Assignment due dates may change if 
school is closed or delayed for inclement weather. 

TCI Lesson 18, Section 1 (read, tutorial, questions)

TCI Lesson 18, Section 3 – read, tutorial, questions
TCI Lesson 17-Decline of Feudalism Section: Summary (ONLY READ!)
TCI Lesson 18 Section: Primary Sources (ONLY READ. DO NOT start writing)
 Second Semester News: We welcome Mr. Schneider, Ashland University education student. He will be work ing in our classroom on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.
About Mrs. Polly . . .
Mrs. Polly (far right) is a National Board Certified Teacher in early and middle childhood literacy. She has a master’s degree specializing in elementary education and literacy. She is a highly qualified middle school social studies teacher.  This is her 18th year at Black River Schools.
Did you know?
Students wishing to improve a test grade may retake the test. Check with Mrs. Polly for more information about this option.


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