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5th grade

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Fifth Grade Mission Statement

The 5th grade staff at Black River Elementary is committed to providing high-quality rigorous core instruction to empower students to master the skills and attitude of perseverance necessary for success in the 21st century.

As teachers we strive to instill the belief in students that they can achieve anything… We treat students as individuals and try to meet their intellectual and emotional needs. We will strive to mold students into independent thinkers that try to find solutions for themselves. This will lead the way for students to move ahead into middle school with ease. 

We are  committed to fostering student growth through high-quality instruction and a solid core curriculum that includes STEM activities, subject integration, and hands on learning.  The best results for children come from collaboration with parents and community and that academic excellence is attainable in the safe environment of Black River Elementary.


Today I will be respectful, responsible and safe with my teachers, my classmates and my materials.  I am READY to learn!

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