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College Credit Plus at Black River

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College Credit Plus at Black River


Ohio’s College Credit Plus (CCP) can help you earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking college courses from community colleges or universities.  The purpose of this program is to promote rigorous academic pursuits and to provide a wide variety of options to college-ready students.

Students could earn up to 36 or more college credit hours or even an Associates Degree. These credit hours are transferable to all public universities and most private institutions in the state of Ohio.  Students who have the ability to advocate for themselves and self-direct their learning may want to consider College Credit Plus Options.

All courses taken will be counted toward graduation requirements for high school and are calculated in their high school GPA.  Weighted grades will be issued. The credits earned will allow students to maintain eligibility in sports and extracurricular activities.


A mandatory informational meeting will be held prior to February 15th for students and their parents to ensure an understanding of the advantages, possibilities and consequences of participation

*Students must obtain an application from the guidance office and return it, annually, by March 15.  

Each individual post-secondary institution has specific requirements for admission; Black River High School adheres to those restrictions. 

*Juniors and seniors:  3.0 cumulative GPA; ACT Composite score of 21 

*Eighth graders and freshmen:  3.75 cumulative GPA; 26 ACT composite 

*The following courses have specific ACT subject scores as prerequisites:

English..............................21 (In English)

Algebra for Calculus.........22 (In Math)

Basic Statistics..................22 (In Math)

Students are required to submit a credit authorization form to the high school counselor at the time of enrollment in the post-secondary/CCP program.  This form helps the student and guidance counselor determine eligible college and high school courses.

All students are required to provide a current copy of your college schedule to your high school counselor prior to starting classes.

Grades will not be posted at the conclusion of any term until a transcript is received from the post-secondary institution. The transcript must be sent directly from the post-secondary institution to the high school counselor's office. This is the responsibility of the student, not the high school.

CCP Course Withdrawal After the Beginning of a Term

* The student must re-enroll to the High School the following school day.  Re-enrollment is considered withdrawal from the CCP program for that academic school year. 

* The student will be given a HS schedule

* The student will be given zeros for all work missed prior to enrollment in the new schedule.

* The student can eliminate any zero by making up the missed work. The student is responsible for scheduling make-up work with each classroom teacher. 

* Parents and students are responsible for any cost connected to the missed work and the cost of any CCP courses that are not completed.

Student suspension will have no effect on post-secondary attendance. Since expulsion is removal from school, the parents would be expected to assume the cost of the post-secondary option.

CCP students will be permitted to participate in commencement ceremonies if the post-secondary institution provides written verification to indicate the student has received passing grades. The diploma will not be issued until an official transcript (not a grade card) is received directly from the post-secondary institution. 

Course Offerings:

English:  Composition I (3); Composition II (3); Fiction Appreciation (3); Effective Oral Communication (3) 

Mathematics:   Algebra for Calculus (4); Basic Statistics (3)

Science:   Physics for Life Science I (4); Physics for Life Science  II (4) 

Social Studies:   Government and Politics in the US (3); Comparative Government and Politics (3);  American Political Issues and Historical Philosophy (3); Sociology (3) 

More College Credit Plus opportunities (such as online courses through a local university or college) may be added for the 2019-2020 school year.

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