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The Black River Local School District is committed to the development of an exemplary curriculum that sets high expectations for teachers and results in meaningful students learning.  The purpose is to have an aligned standards-based curriculum that will ensure that students from teacher-to-teacher and school-to-school learn from the same goals and objectives throughout the District.  The overriding goal is to ensure that a PreK-12 spiraling curriculum strike a balance between a firm foundation in basic skills and preparing students who can problem solve, communicate, use technology, work on teams, and make connections.

Properly Certified or Licensed Teachers

Black River Local Schools is committed to providing all children with teachers who are well-trained and certified for the areas that they teach.  High-quality professional development is made available to all teachers to keep up to date and increase their professional knowledge. 
Black River is pleased to inform you that all of the classroom teachers assigned to teach your child meet or exceed the qualifications needed to be rated as Highly Qualified Teachers.  Our teachers are all fully certified to teach in the areas they have been assigned due to having taken and passed required licensure exams and/or having taken advanced coursework or earned advanced degrees.
Specific additional information regarding the qualifications of your child's teacher can be obtained by contacting Jill Holland Beiser, Curriculum Director. 

Curriculum Director

Jill Beiser, Director of Curriculum
419-736-3300 ext. 106
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