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The Board recognizes that a student’s education is a shared responsibility by the school, the student and the family. Research indicates that involvement of parents in support of their children’s education increases student achievement. Schools and parents must work as partners if the District is to meet its goal of effectively educating students.

The Board directs the administration and teaching staff to promote parental involvement by:

1. supporting meaningful two-way communication between school and home;

2. promoting responsible parenting;

3. encouraging parents to play an integral role in assisting student learning;

4. assisting parents in their efforts to support, reinforce and extend their children’s learning;

5. providing opportunities for parental input in school programs and curriculum;

6. respecting parents as partners in decisions affecting children and families;

7. welcoming parents as visitors to the schools;

8. engaging in meaningful parent-teacher conferences to discuss student progress toward meeting academic content standards and other learning goals, individual instructional needs and student welfare issues;

9. communicating with parents about Board policies and regulations;

10. encouraging parents to volunteer in the schools and school-related activities;

11. encouraging parental involvement through parent groups and Board and school advisory committees;

12. supporting appropriate professional development opportunities that enable staff members to increase the effectiveness of parental involvement strategies;

13. encouraging school administrators to set expectations and create a climate conducive to parental participation;

14. developing methods to accommodate and support parental involvement for parents with special needs, such as limited English proficiency and

15. assessing the effectiveness of parental involvement efforts.

[Adoption date: June 18, 2015]

LEGAL REFS.: The Elementary and Secondary Education Act; 20 USC 1221 et seq.

ORC 3313.472; 3313.48

OAC 3301-35-02; 3301-35-04; 3301-35-06

CROSS REFS.: IGBI, Limited English Proficiency

IGBJ, Title I Programs

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