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Jennifer Bradford

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Mrs. Bradford: 7th Grade Science

My name is Jennifer Bradford and I have been teaching at the Middle School level for over 20 years. I attended Capital University where I earned a Bachelor's degree in Education, and a Master's Degree from Ashland University in Middle Childhood Education. I am currently the Middle School Cross Country coach and the Varsity Softball coach.

Course Content

There are three main topics that are the focus for 7th grade Science:
Cycles and Patterns of Earth and the Moon - This topic focuses on Earth's hydrologic cycle, patterns that exist in atmospheric and oceanic currents, the relationship between thermal energy and the currents, and the relative position and movement of the Earth, sun, and moon.  
Conservation of Mass and Energy - This topic focuses on the empirical evidence for the arrangements of atoms on the Periodic Table of Elements, conservation of mass and energy, transformation and transfer of energy.
Cycle of Matter and Flow of Energy - This topic focuses on the impact pf matter and energy transfer within the biotic component of ecosystems. 
Mrs. Jennifer Bradford
7th Grade Science Teacher
If you have any questions or concerns please email me at [email protected].
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