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Phillip Fechuch

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P. S. Fechuch

P. S. Fechuch has completed degrees and coursework at Cleveland State, Ashland University, Harvard Teachers As Scholars and Harvard Russia/East Asian Study Room.  Additional interests and hobbies include sports, language(s), fishing/hiking and multi-ethnic diverse cultural interests.

Simply put, how the American people govern themselves at national, state and local levels of government is the basis for this course.  We follow the Ohio State Standards in everything we do. The school board also states we are to do so and thus this is what my rationale is in writing this long and detailed syllabus accomplishing these two key points.  In order for democracy to work citizens need to be well grounded in government and politics and should be able to a) knowledgeably access government and its institutions b) understand their rights and responsibilities c) a good working knowledge of the federal government, national legislature, political parties, interest groups, elections and issues and d) how politics affects individuals and groups at the national level. 

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Fechuch, Mr. Phillip
High School Social Studies Teacher
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