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Student Council

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Black River High School Student Council

What is Student Council? 

In its beginning, the idea might have been to form a “mock government,” but the functioning Council has evolved into a unique agency for genuine learnings far beyond basic concepts of civics. The idea requires individual commitment, individual involvement – the living, central arena of the student world. Student Council is a group of elected citizens in a school who meet together regularly to:


· supporting and further developing democracy as a way of life

· involving students in meaningful, purpose-oriented activities

· helping each student develop a sincere regard for law and order appropriate to this democratic society

· leading each individual in developing a sense of personal responsibility and earned self-respect

· teaching the process and procedures of a democracy

· encouraging desirable attitudes and continuous upward development of valued patterns of good citizenship

· providing a forum for student opinions, interests, and desires so these may be understood by the entire student body, faculty, administration, and community

· honestly reflecting and interpreting the student viewpoint


· contributing to the total educational growth of all students in the school

· encouraging highest standards of scholarship and positive student involvement in learning and thinking

· providing experience in genuine problem-solving procedures

· providing for training and experiences in the skills and techniques of good citizenship and leadership to prepare articulate citizens and leaders for a progressing society


· providing young people with the power and right to speak and, especially, the power, right, and privilege of being heard by those in authority

· providing coordination of school-sponsored student activities with constant evaluation in terms of selected purposes

· promoting opportunities for leadership among student body members

· utilizing the ideas and support of students in solving relevant school problems


· helping to create harmonious relationships among faculty, administration, student body, and the community

· providing organized services to the school in the interest of the general welfare

· communicating purposes, activities, and other positive elements of school life through mass media to the entire community

· helping young people further realize the genius and dignity of each individual


· sparking school loyalty, pride, patriotism, and individual student development

· providing real experiences in group development and human understandings

· helping students earn and protect individual rights and responsibilities

· selecting projects and activities which seek to achieve purposes which are significant in the life of the school community

· giving young people deeper reasons for attending school and the stimulus for developing commitments to worth goals

· helping each student reach maximum educational growth and development

Student Council is a learning opportunity for involving young people in their own school which in turn develops commitments to citizenship, scholarship, leadership, human relationships, and cultural values so our heritage may have even greater worth for the next generation.
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